"Keeping Estrogen Levels in check and Testosterone in line was the goal and so far so good!"

-Rick Hayter

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  • Stimulates natural Testosterone production
  • Improves libido, stamina and endurance
  • Strengthens erections and sexual function


Testo Booster contains ingredients clinically proven to:

Boost Sex Drive

In a placebo-controlled, clinical trial Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) was shown to significantly improve libido, sexual performance, satisfaction, and erectile function in men. [1]

Improve Muscle Growth

Studies have demonstrated that Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) is able to enhance testosterone production, free bound testosterone for use by muscles, and have a positive effect on muscle growth. [3]

Promote Stronger Erections

Ingredients in Testo Booster have been shown in studies to improve blood flow and sexual health. In placebo-controlled human trials, participants experienced a significant improvement in erectile function, libido, and sexual health. [2]

Reduce Body Fat

In multiple studies, the ingredients in Testo Booster were demonstrated to help with weight loss. Weight loss was achieved via multiple mechanisms such as increasing energy expenditure during exercise and regulating hormones to reduce stress, eating, and appetite. [4]

Testosterone has immense benefits for sexual health, weight loss, muscle strength and even blood flow. In evidence-based studies, Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) enhances the body's natural testosterone production. Thus taking Testo Booster will provide your body with all the benefits of testosterone.

Dr. David Letsa
M.D., PhD, Medical Literature Reviewer

I have seen many testosterone booster formulations with empty ingredients and no scientific backup. That's not the case with Testo-Booster. The herbs and extracts in this formula are by far superior, with studies showing a significant increase in testosterone levels.

Dr. Alberto Parra
M.D. Sports Medicine & Diagnostic Imaging

Using natural Testo-booster is a safe way to increase serum testosterone levels. Testo-booster cleverly combines natural ingredients known to boost testosterone levels, energy levels, and libido. What sets this product apart is that it contains standardized extracts with high bioavailability.

Dr. Preet Pal SB
Metabolic & Neurodegenerative Disease Specialist


In Every Bottle

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High Quality Ingredients

Testo Booster is a formulation of 7 herbs and concentrated extracts that has been clinically proven to naturally increase testosterone levels.


We source our products in an environmental and sustainable way. We maintain visibility of every stage of our supply stage and ensure a living wage for everyone involved.

Unrivalled Purity

We strive to support you with true quality in our product and our procurement team is continually seeking the purest ingredients from the finest suppliers around the globe.


Each and every ingredient is expertly sourced/ selected for the highest absorption, providing you with an effective product for a great price.

7 Key Ingredients Including...


Tongkat Ali (Root) Extract 100:1

Boosts testosterone by blocking enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen—clinically proven to improve libido, erectile dysfunction, and sperm quality.


Maca (Root) Extract 20:1

Has been shown to significantly improve sexual function and libido in men with mild erectile dysfunction. Also causes an increase in wellbeing.


Ashwagandha (Root) Organic

Lowers stress and combats infertility and low libido. Also increases sperm production in infertile men.




Contains many essential vitamins that help improve the body's physical and emotional responses; acts as a restorative for low energy levels, improving sexual energy and appetite.


Tribulus Terrestris (Fruit)

Stimulates the production of the Luteinizing Hormone, which increases testosterone production. Can also improve sperm quantity and quality.


Black Pepper (Fruit) (BioPerine)

Has been shown to significantly increase free testosterone levels in competitive athletes; can potentially affect sexual drive.


Yohimbine (Bark) 98%

Works on receptors in the brain associated with libido and erections. Studies demonstrate a higher efficacy than placebo when treating erectile dysfunction.


Supplement Facts

Suggested Usage

For best results, take 3 capsules per day, 1 with each meal. Take 1 capsule with breakfast, 1 with lunch, and 1 with dinner.


This formula has been developed by Ben Ong to support various health objectives when used in conjunction with his recommended diet and exercise program as described in his books.

100% American Supplements Made In The USA

To ensure that every capsule of Testo Booster meets our high quality standards the entire formula is sourced and manufactured in the USA at a GMP certified and FDA audited facility and tested at a independent 3rd party US based laboratory.

100% American Supplements, 100% All Natural Ingredients, 100% Side-Effect Free.

The Science

Ben’s Testo-Booster contains seven clinically proven, natural ingredients to help increase testosterone levels, boost sex drive, and provide more rigid erections. In this natural testosterone supplement, Testo-Booster works by activating receptors in the pituitary gland, which sends signals to the testes to boost the production of testosterone. This results in greater strength, increased muscle gain and growth, and improved sexual performance.

Tongkat Ali

Ingredients such as tongkat ali work by blocking enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen from working. This powerful herb has been proven to increase free testosterone, improve mood, combat erectile dysfunction, increase lean muscle mass, and lower cortisol stress levels. One study found that Tongkat Ali was proven to increase free testosterone levels by up to 61%.


Another ingredient included in Testo Booster is Yohimbine. One placebo-controlled four-week clinical trial studied the effects of Yohimbine on men aged 25 to 50 who had mild-moderate erectile dysfunction symptoms for longer than three months.

The impacts of Yohimbine were impressive. There was a significant improvement in erectile function scores in the Yohimbine group in comparison to the placebo group.

Based on this research, and using only the purest quality, all natural and organic ingredients, we have created Testo Booster: a proven, all-natural formulation that will increase testosterone levels and restore optimal hormone health.


Testo Booster is perfect if...

  • You want stronger erections and a better sex drive
  • You want to naturally boost testosterone levels
  • You want to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat

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