Prostate Power

"After 30 days I am down to one trip a night or less. Used to be 3-5 times and painful."

-Steven Wheeler

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Prostate Power contains ingredients clinically proven to:

Reduce the size of the Prostate

Prostate power is formulated with natural 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors, which have been proven to reduce the size of the prostate gland in multiple double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trials [1].

Reduce Night Time Waking

It contains active ingredients which have been shown in clinical trials to reduce nocturia (or night time waking)[3].

Slow the progress of BPH and Prostate Disease

The key active ingredients in prostate power have been shown in numerous clinical trials and meta-studies to reduce prostate volume, improve lower urinary tract symptoms, increase peak urinary flow and decrease the risk of acute urinary retention [2].

Improve Urinary Control

It contains high-quality, independently tested Beta-Sitosterol, which has been shown in double-blind clinical trials to alleviate the symptoms of enlarged prostate symptoms[4].

Recommended By Doctors

I know a good product when I see one. Due to its potent formula, this supplement has just the right capabilities to help with bladder control and function. It is great for nocturia too. Each ingredient has a unique role to play, and has just the right benefits for improving urinary symptoms and reducing the prostate volume. I highly recommend it.

Dr Ahmed Zayed
MD Medicine

Urinary symptoms are a common concern in patients with prostate problems. That is when I recommend Ben’s Prostate Power. Only a few supplements are recommended by the FDA. Saw Palmetto is one of them, and Ben’s Prostate Power contains very high quality, high purity Saw Palmetto amongst its ingredients.

Dr. Alberto Parra
M.D. Sports Medicine & Diagnostic Imaging

For my own patients I always recommend Ben’s Prostate Power supplement. It alleviates the symptoms quickly, meaning reduced urgency and less night time trips to the bathroom.

Dr Donna Schwontkowski
A Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine (D.C.)

The natural ingredients in Prostate Power have been well-studied in clinical reports for years. They are proven to help men with BPH and similar prostate problems resolve their symptoms. I strongly recommend this supplement for my clients. I especially recommend it for those that tend to wake up several times a night to urinate.

Dr James Occhiogrosso
Natural Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist

Introducing Prostate Power


In Every Bottle

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Quality Ingredients

Prostate Power is a high purity, high strength formulation, containing a unique blend of boron, rye flower pollen and saw palmetto that work to provide urinary relief.


We source our products in an environmental and sustainable way. We maintain visibility of every stage of our supply chain, and ensure a living wage for everyone involved.

Unrivalled Purity

Prostate Power contains the only Saw Palmetto extract that qualifies as a United States Pharmacopeia Verified Dietary Ingredient.


Each and every ingredient is expertly sourced/ selected for the highest absorption, providing you with an effective product for a great price.

3 Key Ingredients Including...

Symptom Alleviator

Rye flower pollen extract

Has shown to improve the urinary symptoms of BPH in human clinical trials.

Symptom Allievator

Saw Palmetto Berry

Contains b-sitosterol, which is a 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor, which improves urinary symptoms and shrinks the prostate.


Boron Glycine Complex

Reduces the likelihood of developing prostate cancer and may inhibit prostate cancer cell growth.

Supplement Facts

Suggested Usage

For best results, take 1 capsules with food, two times per day.



This formula has been developed by Ben Ong to support various health objectives when used in conjunction with his recommended diet and exercise program as described in his books

100% American Supplements Made In The USA

To ensure that every capsule of Prostate Power meets our high quality standards the entire formula is sourced and manufactured in the USA at a GMP certified and FDA audited facility and tested at a independent 3rd party US based laboratory.

100% American Supplements, 100% All Natural Ingredients, 100% Side-Effect Free.

The Science

Prostate Power is a unique formulation designed to reduce the number of urinary interruptions and night time bathroom trips.

This potent formula contains a high quality blend of rye flower pollen and saw palmetto berry extract. Rye flower pollen is a recognized BPH and prostatitis treatment and has been commonly used in Europe for over 35 years.

Rye Flower Pollen

Rye flower pollen is a widely recognized BPH and prostatitis treatment and has been commonly used to relieve urinary symptoms. Multiple double blind clinical studies have shown it to be an effective treatment for men struggling with BPH, especially when combined with saw palmetto. There are 19 studies conducted on the safety and efficacy of rye flower pollen combined with saw palmetto berry. These studies show that 75-90% of men who take this combination of active ingredients see significant improvement in their ability to empty their bladder. That’s why Prostate Power contains 380g of high purity rye flower pollen and saw palmetto berry extract in every dose.

Saw Palmetto

Clinical studies conducted worldwide indicate saw palmetto extract effectively controls the most common urinary flow problems observed in the majority of men beyond the age of 50. That is why saw palmetto is a key ingredient in Ben’s Prostate Power.

In today’s market, where you source your saw palmetto can make a big difference in the quality and effectiveness of the final product you buy. That’s why our saw palmetto supplier is Valensa. Valensa’s Saw Palmetto is the industry standard for quality. Every year they collect their ripe saw palmetto berries in the wild and dry them at their facility located in Florida.


They then test the extract for its ability to inhibit 5-alpha reductase. Saw palmetto only grows in the Southeastern portion of the USA and is harvested primarily in Florida, USA. Therefore, anyone claiming that their product comes from Southern Asia is not selling you genuine saw palmetto extract. So, as you can see, when it comes to choosing a supplement, where the ingredients are sourced is vital. That’s why Prostate Power contains 426g of high purity rye flower pollen and saw palmetto berry extract in every dose.

Prostate Power is perfect if…

  • You want to slow the progress of BPH and Prostate Disease
  • You want to alleviate urinary symptoms
  • You want to say goodbye to night time awakening
  • You want all-natural ingredients, in clinically significant doses


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